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2014-09-09 04:23 pm
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Talia Harkspear

Character Name: Talia Destrond Harkspear 
Character Legal Name (HS): Talia Harkspear
Journal Username: click Account above

Mun Name: Brian
Mun Tumblr: melancholicgalaxy.tumblr.com

Class: Rogue
Race: Aasimar

Grade & Age: Senior, 19
Dorm Room: tbd - Roommate is Dagny Asher
Clubs/Sports/Activities: Participates in Theatre, although is not in many productions due to working part-time at her Uncle's. She did Gymnastics in grade school, and continues to keep up her stretches. She's very fond of fashion though, and loves everything to do with makeup and hairstyles.

In-School: Your resident gossip, Talia loves knowing everything about everyone, even if this really makes her seem like a nuisance. She's blunt to put it plainly, and it often makes her seem like she lacks tact which isn't far from the truth. As herself, she would rather get straight to the point of something rather than beat around the bush. Taking on various personas in Theatre is what she loves to do and does best, she's very 
After School: blank

Appearance (HS): See Avatar (more pics to follow)
Strengths/Weaknesses: blank